About Us

Chaffinch Document is a trusted document shredding partner to over 2,000 organisations of all sizes in the private and public sectors. From multi-national plcs to small local businesses, our confidential destruction solutions help achieve compliance, reduce risk and improve information governance across any organisation.

Our vision is to provide the UK’s market-leading secure shredding services specifically seeking to address the need to keep every organisation’s data safe, secure and compliant.

It’s our mission to offer an innovative shredding service of real value to a wide range of businesses, spanning all of sectors. Data protection is increasingly becoming a key factor in the success of all types of businesses, and our dedicated shredding services help ensure compliance with GDPR.

Whether you are looking for ambitious growth, consolidated processes or reduced overheads, Chaffinch Document is the partner of choice.

Highest Levels of Compliance

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and in providing our clients with world-class services. We are proud to be accredited to BS EN15713 (Confidential Destruction of Material).

Environmental Sustainability

Since inception, we have helped divert 100,000s of tonnes of paper from landfill, helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint.

Customer Experience

We are a business that is passionate about customer service. That’s why we are the only major shredding company to provide full transparency and online booking provision for our services.

 Our Core Values

Chaffinch Document operates through 6 core values, which are communicated throughout our business:

Be Dynamic. - The pursuit of continual progress. Never standing still.

Deliver Value For Money. - Always exceed expectations. Never cheap.

Innovate. Simply. - Solve problems. Do things better. Simplicity is exciting. Never become side-tracked by irrelevance.

Build The Story. - Challenge convention. Present our benefits and people will come. Never allow others to set the tone.

Love Our Customer. - Providing solutions to their problems is why we are here. Understand how to communicate with them. Don’t take them for granted.

Empowered Workforce. - Better people produce better work. Our people are our heart. Create the pathway to progress. Never allow negativity to take hold.

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